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Smart Car

The Messengers International strives to always be at the forefront of the courier industry, and this is especially true with the two newest members of the Messengers' Fleet. We would like to formally introduce you to our smart cars; the fourtwo coupé (convertible) and the fourtwo cabriolet (with a glass roof).

These amazing cars, manufactured by Daimler-Chrysler, are at the leading edge of automobile design. These tiny and eye catching cars use the smallest direct-injection diesel engines on Earth, built with state-of-the-art common rail diesel cdi technology.

What does that mean? Well, for a small, in-line three cylinder diesel, measuring at only 0.8 litres, and producing 40 horsepower, fuel consumption is a refreshingly-low 3.7 litres/100km! In other words, the 540km drive to Montreal would only use about $16.00 in diesel, (with diesel at $0.80/L). The smart car is not only fuel efficient, but nearly emission-free!!

The Smart Car Is The Leader In A New Era Of Automobiles

It has long been accepted that cars and the environment are incompatible, but with recent advancements in engineering, "green cars" such as the smart may be the solution we need. The smart car is built with a whole list of Mercedes-designed safety features, fuel costs that border on negligible, and is so small that two can fit in a standard parking spot! Though strictly a two-seater, there is a storage space and plenty of room for both passengers.

If everyone drove a smart car there would be less traffic (with each car taking up about half as much space), emissions would drop dramatically, and happiness would spread. The smart car handles very well (up to speeds of 135km/hr) while being the most environmentally conscious vehicle on the road. This is just the beginning of The Messengers International's commitment towards a greener Earth in our Green-Initiative Program (keep your eyes open for more news in the future).