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Logistics Services

Available ASAP to all our clients!

We are very pleased to announce the advent of The Messengers International Logistics, a fully customizable supply chain management system. TMI Logistics services are provided by a team of transportation and logistics specialists. Utilization of our warehouse seamlessly integrates your supply chain with our extensive range of transportation and distribution solutions. With an extensive network of global partners and affiliates, TMI Logistics offers supply chain management and logistics solutions for your European and Asian distribution requirements as well as services within Canada and the USA.

For details about our dynamic solutions contact us today at 1-800-463-9195.

Whether short term storage or complete global supply chain management, The Messengers International Logistics provides customized solutions for your business.

  • Short Term Warehousing
  • Product Warehousing & Distribution
  • Order Preparation
  • Product Assembly & Testing
  • Pick & Pack
  • Inventory Optimization